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$0 Doctor's office visits near you.

Get $0 appointments at 20,000+ clinics and urgent care centers nationwide. Your first three visits every year are $0. There are no hidden fees.

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How It Works

Step 1

Sign Up Online

Activate your account online and download the River Health app to access care.

Step 2

Request An Appointment

Find a doctor using the River Health app and follow the instructions to book an appointment.

Step 3

See A Doctor

Arrive early for your appointment and pay with your River Health card. That is it!

Common Questions

How many $0 office visits do I get per year?
Where can I find a doctor?
Are River Health clinics available in every state?
What if I need an x-ray or imaging?
What about emergency room visits and surgery?
Can I get a referral from my primary care doc?
What about specialty care?
Can I use River Health while traveling?